Alice Springs Micro Safari

A “country” while ago, John Clark wrote to us with the following:

“After our excellent trip to Maralinga last year, I wrote an article for our local club newsletter and sent a copy off to a UK gliding magazine. Enclosed is the proof of that article. A few bits of my original have been cut out by them to get the words to fit… I was not very complimentary about Menzies but that’s gone. I hope it meets with your approval and everything is going well out there. We’ve certainly recommended you to anyone who will listen.”

After a short conversation John sent his original article, which I attach below, see the link at the very bottom for the edited Sailplane Mag version.

Thanks John, for the article and the great promotion of Maralinga Tours.

Click on the picture or link below, for John’s story, Alice Springs Micro Safari.

Keep Soaring Cover-John Clark

Keep Soaring Cover-John Clark – click for pdf

And, in case you’re interested, here’s the edited version Alice Springs Micro Safari from Sailplane and Gliding Magazine

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