Maralinga Update June 2018

Camp Kitchen

Thank you to all of our tour participants that take the time to respond with feedback after each tour. There has been a common thread through many of the responses requesting the facilities of camp kitchen for the camping ground. An area where people can prepare meals together and shelter if the weather isn’t so nice.

Well, it is a pleasure to let you know that the ever-passionate-about-all-things-Maralinga, Nobsy (Robin Matthews) has been busy behind the scenes and secured funding for the camp kitchen. He’ll be working on it over the next couple of weeks, in his own time I might add, enlisting the help of family and Roger and whoever else that might be around at the time.

Robin says it won’t be “the Taj Mahal” but it “outa do the job”. I’m sure it will and I’m sure it will see some use in the future. So if you get to use it, thank Robin and the people that so politely suggested it. Hopefully we see them again for another visit, so they can pass judgement.

Museum Artefacts - Photo courtesy Justin Van Viersen

Museum Artefacts – photo Justin Van Viersen

Maralinga Museum

Since last year when the decision was made to move the museum into the current building, Robin and Roger Petersen our Village Manager have been painting, renovating and setting up the displays of memorabilia.

There is a large television where a collection of videos and historical photos can be viewed. Many of these were collected by Rob Hornsby, a regular to Maralinga since he served there in the sixties. (edited)

There in interesting collection of bits and pieces that Robin has discovered out on the range over the years. Everything has be checked and cleared for any radioactive contamination. If there is any question as to what they are or were used for, Robin is on hand to explain, though, some items remain a mystery. Maybe one of our visitors will answer those one day?

Maralinga Tour DVD

Maralinga Tour DVD

Online shop and the DVD

Some of you have asked if they could get a DVD as they missed out purchasing one while at Maralinga. Well we have an online shop established now. You can now buy them online here.

Extended 2 day Tour Success

The two day tours that we have been running this year have been a hit, people seem to find them a better, more relaxed way of spending time with Robin and sharing his knowedge.

Here are some comments.

“The new two day tour was perfect for us. We saw and learned so much fromRobins guide. Much easier to absorb all details about the test project. Almost a lost history.”

“The two day tour was great, in fact I can’t imagine doing the tour in only one day!”

“In summing up, our trip from Melbourne was well worth the expense of visiting Maralinga & would recommend to anyone to do the same . . ie, The 2 day tour is the way to go, fit more in & little rushing etc.

“Fantastic tour and tour host. I would like to extend the tour over 2 days [next time] as there is so much to see and understand about the site. “

GDPR – Privacy Laws

If you spend much time online you will have noticed a mob of emails coming in regarding updated privacy statements and the new GDPR laws. Mostly this effects people operating in the EU however it applies to everyone that deals with data that belongs to EU residents.

As we have an international clientelle (not many, but a few) we are updating our online operations to keep inline with online expectations. ?

You will see warnings about cookies. Fear not, cookies are how developers store information like things you’ve added to your shopping cart or to see how people use the site (google analytics) so we can improve on the site structure, or whether you’ve signed up for our mailing list or not, so hopefully we don’t ask too often!

Cookies can’t hurt your computer and mostly make the online experience better for everybody. See our privacy policy for more info.

Thanks for your interest and happy travels!

Cheers, Maralinga Tours.

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Neil Shelley
Neil Shelley

Had a great time with Robin in May 2018. His knowledge of the area is surely unsurpassed and he entertained us for nearly 8 hours!

It was great to experience an important part of Australia’s history first hand and I definitely recommend it to anyone contemplating the journey.

Richard Baldwin

Please continue to email me any updates or news. We will eventually get there, hopefully next year?? (I believe I am already on your mailing list?? but just check details)

Jennifer Egan
Jennifer Egan

Our tour with Robin was astounding. An amazing and interesting man who has a wealth of knowledge about Maralinga. We did the two day tour which was fabulous because there is so much to see and to take in, we found the two days more beneficial.
Have made it our business to tell everyone we see about the tours to promote Maralinga.

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