Setting the record straight – ABC article 22/05/2021

In relation to this article:

  1. Maralinga Tjarutja (MT) will look at the Monash University report and obtain its own scientific advice on it to see if it is saying anything new. MT has worked with the Commonwealth and MT’s own scientific advisers for the past 35 years in relation to the Plutonium left at Maralinga by the British Minor Trials. We are aware of the risks posed by the particulate plutonium at the Maralinga site and have been heavily involved with Commonwealth rehabilitation measures that minimise those risks.
  2. Dr Cook is correct when she says that a balance has been found between the risk and the environment at Maralinga in full consultation with the Maralinga People. However, that balance has been achieved over 35 years of information sharing and negotiations between the Maralinga people and the Australian government – not with Dr Cook and her team, who have not talked to the Maralinga traditional owners.
  3. Maralinga Tjarutja notes the comments of Corinna Lester from the APY Lands. Ms Lester is not a traditional owner of the Maralinga Lands and has been advised before that she does not speak for the Maralinga people.

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