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Contributed Stories

Maralinga Police Station, South Australia

Maralinga Prohibited Area Sign

Between 1955 and 1963 the British Government carried out a series of nuclear and atomic tests at Maralinga in the remote western region of South Australia. The vast region in which the tests were conducted was declared a prohibited area with a village built within the prohibited zone at Maralinga, near Watson, to house the…

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Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures magazine article

Protective clothing worn to minimise risk of exposure to radiation after blasts

Maralinga – Australia’s Field of Thunder As thunder rumbled over the saltbush plain of Maralinga a cloud covered the land, it was the 27th September 1956 and the start of one of the darkest chapters in Australian history. Growing up in the 80s, I first became aware of the existence of Maralinga through the words…

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Alice Springs Micro Safari

John and Robin - Photo courtesy Princess Geraldine

After our excellent trip to Maralinga last year, I wrote an article for our local club newsletter and sent a copy off to a UK gliding magazine. Enclosed is the proof of that article. A few bits of my original have been cut out by them to get the words to fit… I was not very complimentary about Menzies but that’s gone. I hope it meets with your approval and everything is going well out there. We’ve certainly recommended you to anyone who will listen.

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Our Maralinga Tour 2018

At Gound Zero - photo courtesy David Jobson

“Why of all places, would you want to go to an atomic bomb site?”  This comment was directed to us by some people as we made plans to do exactly that just recently this year. Well, our answer to this was, why not, it is a large part of Australian recent history but also with…

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