Maralinga Tours Welcome Splash Image
Maralinga Tours Welcome Splash Image

Not Kazakhstan, not Nevada...

but South Australia’s Maralinga.

Maralinga Tours - an insight into our hidden past

Learn about a very, very dark chapter in Australia’s history. One Tree, Marcoo, Kite, Breakaway, Tadje, Biak and Taranaki: innocuous sounding names that in the 1950's provided headlines in the British and Australian press that heralded a growing capacity for Britain to offer a nuclear deterrent to the perceived threat of the Cold War.  Maralinga Tours will give you an amazing insight into this dubious period of Australia's History.

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Maralinga Village in 1956 - Maralinga Tours campsite
Maralinga Village in 1956 - Maralinga Tours campsite


Had a great time with Robin in May 2018. His knowledge of the area is surely unsurpassed and he entertained us for nearly 8 hours!

It was great to experience an important part of Australia’s history first hand and I definitely recommend it to anyone contemplating the journey.

Neil Shelly

I travelled with the Volkswagen Enthusiasts convoy, this was one of the best breaks from daily life I have ever had. My congratulations and respect for what you achieved. 

Matthias Tomczak

Wow! I had no idea this stuff was going on in Australia. Why haven’t I been told before? Thanks Robin for a fascinating and informative tour.

Greg Bancroft

I was utterly amazed with what I learned on the Tour with Robin who has an amazing knowledge of the area.

Tom Gilbert

An amazing tour of an amazing place! Well suited to Grey Nomadic Baby Boomers, like myself. It is shocking and fasinating because it shows that despite Australia's isolation, we were so very involved in the Cold War.

Scott Mac

An excellent tour. Robin Mathews was a superb leader who took a real interest in all the people on the tour. His knowledge of all aspects of the Maralinga operation was impeccable.

Kevin Wainwright