Maralinga Tjarutja Lands - Road Closures

All roads EXCEPT the Anne Beadell (east-west) and the Ooldea - Maralinga Village access road (from Eyre Hwy) are closed until further notice. This is definite until September when the board will review at their next meeting. Click on map to see.

Maralinga Tours Welcome Splash Image
Maralinga Tours Welcome Splash Image

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South Australia's MARALINGA

Maralinga Tours - an insight into our hidden past

Learn about a very, very dark chapter in Australia’s history. One Tree, Marcoo, Kite, Breakaway, Tadje, Biak and Taranaki: innocuous sounding names that in the 1950's provided headlines in the British and Australian press that heralded a growing capacity for Britain to offer a nuclear deterrent to the perceived threat of the Cold War.  Maralinga Tours will give you an amazing insight into this dubious period of Australia's History.

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One Tree ground zero plinth


Tour was absolutely fantastic, well organised, great facilities


Pete thinks your continued research into unearthing more artefacts for display is essential!

Pete Sellick

The whole experience exceeded our expectations. The accommodation was better than we expected. The tour bus was comfortable and reliable. The driver knowledgeable and considerate. The tour leader was exceptional, so knowledgeable and passionate about the place.

Patsy Stamp

Just wanted to say thank you to Priscilla and Roger for a wonderful tour we really enjoyed our trip. Very informative and plenty of history and photos very well presented Well done to the team.

Diana Sampson

An absolutely fantastic experience in every way. Priscilla, Roger, Greg and Jackie went out of their way to be helpful in all ways possible.

Ian Power

No all was good. You have a very friendly approachable team. Well done. Have placed a vote for you on the tourism awards

Ian Crawford

Just wanted to say how pleased we where with everything. Our hosts Roger and Priscilla where awesome nothing was to much trouble. They where welcoming , entertaining and knowledgeable. The accommodation far exceeded our expectations.We stayed in the dongas. We had a great time.

Richard Sheppard

A great experience and fascinating visit. Staff engaging, informative, friendly, helpful and organised. They are to be congratulated.

Lloyd Glover

It was on my bucket list and didn’t disappoint. Thanks.


We found that the tour very informative and enjoyable. Priscilla was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. We will definitely recommend the tour to our friends. Facilities were excellent and the cleanest long drop toilets I've ever seen! Well done. Only suggestion I have is that the video's that we could have watched in the Museum perhaps could be sold to the public. Thanks again

Cathy and John Gray

The tour was brilliant. Priscilla and Greg were fantastic.

Heather Holden