Privacy Policy and Terms

What information we collect from you:

In General, we receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. This includes information that can identify you (“personal information”), including but not limited to your first and last name, telephone number, postal and email addresses, and billing information (such as credit card number, cardholder name, and expiration date). You can choose not to provide all requested information to us, but in general some information about you is required in order for you to book travel or to ask and to receive an answer to a question about that travel intention. If you do not provide all or part of the requested information, you may not be able to complete certain activities on the website.

Travel Companion Information:

When you make a reservation for someone else through this website, we will request personal information and travel preferences about that individual. You should obtain the consent of other individuals prior to providing us with their personal information and travel preferences and provide that individual with a copy of this Privacy Policy. Any access to view or change the information of your travel companion(s) will be available only through your account.

How we use your information:

We use sensitive billing information (such as cardholder name, credit card number, and expiration date) and other personal information for the purpose of completing and confirming the travel bookings you request from our site, to provide travel updates, to manage your booking, to communicate with you about that booking, to collect fees, to resolve any disputes, to enforce our Terms and Conditions and to assist to ensure your travel experience is as satisfying as possible.

By providing your personal information to us, you consent to the use of your personal information as described above.

Booking Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to tour packages booked and carried out by Maralinga Tours, except as may be varied in the tour confirmation issued by Maralinga Tours.

  1. Traveller’s responsibility: In booking a tour package the traveller:
    1. Must prepare for the tour package by bringing camera, walking shoes suitable for uneven ground, sunscreen and hat;
    2. Accepts the physical risks involved in the tour package;
    3. Must not commence the tour package if they are unfit or become unfit to participate in the tour package by reason of ill-health or injury. The tour package does not involve extensive walking, rather the format involves a Coaster-sized bus excursion with regular stops and debussing at points of interest;
    4. Is responsible for the safety of their own personal possessions, at all times; and
    5. Are advised to take out travel insurance covering tour cancellations, inability to travel (for whatever reason) and the loss or damage to personal effects.
  2. Maralinga Tours’ responsibilities: In accepting a tour package booking, Maralinga Tours agrees:
    1. That the traveller’s pre-payment will be held in trust until after the travel and camping package booking has been provided;
    2. To maintain liability and indemnity insurance to cover the liability of travellers. However, travellers are advised to rely principally upon 1.5 above; and
    3. To maintain licences and permits necessary to carry out travel arrangements;
    4. To provide drinking water during the Maralinga Atomic Testing site tour.
  3. Cancellation: The traveller acknowledges that for cancellations that are:
    1. More than 14 days prior to the booked tour package departure date – the traveller must pay a fee equivalent of 10% of the tour and overnight camping price;
    2. More than 48 hours but less than 14 days prior to the booked tour package departure date – the traveller must pay a fee equivalent of 50% of the tour and overnight camping price; and
    3. Less than 48 hours or for non-attendance to commence the booked tour package – the traveller must pay a fee equivalent of 100% of the tour and overnight camping price;
  4. General conditions: The traveller and Maralinga Tours agree that:
    1. A binding tour contract incorporating these terms and conditions will be formed when Maralinga Tours confirms the traveller’s tour package booking, which it will do on receipt of a 10% deposit pre-payment;
    2. The balance of full payment of the tour package price (Entry Permit Fee per person, Camping Fee per vehicle for two nights and Tour Fee per person) is required to be paid 30 days prior to the confirmed travel date;
    3. The price payable by the traveller is GST inclusive;
    4. A minimum of eight travellers are required for a scheduled tour package and Maralinga Tours may cancel a tour departure if that minimum number is not met. Wherever possible Maralinga Tours will work to fit a single traveller or couple of travellers into another tour package departures;
    5. Maralinga Tours reserves the right to notify the traveller of alterations, amendments and cancellations of a tour package booking, in the case of a force majeure, in accordance with these terms and conditions;
    6. Extreme summer temperatures (often in the mid to high 40s) restrict the operational times of Maralinga Tours to the cooler months of the year – generally between late April to mid-October;
    7. No refund will be made to the traveller for unused services booked, other than in accordance with the Cancellation Policy described at 3 above; and
    8. Travellers are bound by these terms and conditions by the booking of a tour package in their own right or having a booking of a tour package made on their behalf by another person from the time of the booking.
  5. Complaints: Traveller complaints will be dealt with as follows:
    1. All complaints should be made directly to Maralinga Tours, in writing if possible or verbally, immediately after the event leading to the complaint, to give Maralinga Tours the opportunity to investigate and remedy the complaint; and
    2. Maralinga Tours will not accept responsibility for complaints received more than 14 days after the event leading to a complaint occurs.
    3. Liability, Responsibility, Limitation and Jurisdiction:
    4. Maralinga Tours is not responsible for the actions, defaults or negligence of any providers it engages for the purposes of the tour package, except where the loss or damage arises from a specific direction given by Maralinga Tours to those providers. Travellers should direct all claims to those providers;
    5. The traveller is responsible for all loss or damage arising through his or her own fault;
    6. Maralinga Tours will not be liability for any illness, injury or death sustained on a tour by reason of the traveller’s medical condition. Maralinga Tours will not be responsible for, and the traveller releases Maralinga Tours from, any liability arising out of any medical condition suffered by the traveller during the tour package or as a consequence of the tour package;
    7. The traveller indemnifies and holds harmless Maralinga Tours, its officers, employees and suppliers against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, expenses and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis and whether incurred by or awarded against Maralinga Tours) as a result of, or arising in relation to, whether directly or indirectly, the traveller booking or participating in the tour package or any act or omission by the traveller in relation to the tour package;
    8. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all implied conditions and warranties regarding the provision of services by Maralinga Tours under these terms and conditions are excluded. Maralinga Tours’ liability in relation to any non-excludable conditions or warranties is limited to (at Maralinga Tours’ option) either delivering the services again, or paying the cost of providing similar services again. In any event, Maralinga Tours total liability under this Agreement (including for loss or damage to personal effects, compensation for distress, disappointment and loss of enjoyment) will be limited to the amount of the tour package price actually paid by the traveller to Maralinga Tour;
    9. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Maralinga Tours excludes, and the traveller releases Maralinga Tours from all other liability, including without limitation any consequential or special damages or costs, arising directly or indirectly from, or in relation to the services provided in accordance with these terms and conditions;
    10. Any booking shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws in force in South Australia and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia.
  6. Entry Permits:
    1. Sections within the Maralinga Tjarutja Land Rights Act enable the traditional owners of the Lands upon which Maralinga Tour is conducted, to refuse entry to their Lands. In the event that an application to undertake Maralinga Tours is refused, any money’s paid in advance will be refunded, in full to the applicant.

Updated: 19/06/2020