The campground is positioned at the eastern edge of the Maralinga Village, with views over the surrounding countryside. While there are no powered sites, there are ablution facilities, equipped with hot showers, toilets, laundry and clotheslines and a camp kitchen for shared and group use, with 24-hour low-wattage lighting.

A basic camp kitchen, BBQ, sink and simple seating and tables in the screened area adjacent to the central fire pit and main ablution block are also provided.

Water and Wood

There are reticulated water outlets (taps) supplying potable water throughout the campground and village, and a central fire pit is also available. We supply a sustainable amount of free firewood for campers’ use.

Power (or lack thereof)

There are no “powered sites” and the supply in the ablution block WON’T run a kettle or heater. There are power outlets up at the museum for charging or running a camp fridge while off-grid.

Small, baffled generators can be used up until 9 p.m., with the agreement of fellow campground users. You can camp well away from others if you choose to.


There are both a Telstra and an Optus small cell in the village. Both provide data and phone communications.

Once on tour, however, there is no phone access; except for occasional spots when the wind blows in the right direction, you stand on one leg and hold your mouth right.


Please note: There aren’t any fuel facilities available at Maralinga, you must make sure you have a range of about 500km for the return trip to Maralinga and back to a fuel outlet on the Eyre Highway.

Maralinga is about 250km from Nundroo to the East of the turnoff on the Eyre Highway, or Yalata Roadhouse to the West. You can top up at Nundroo, Penong, Yalata Roadhouse or Nullarbor depending on your range. (see the map)

Download a pdf of the Town Plan

Town Plan